Behind Humour

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An armour of wit
Is what makes her tick.
Deflecting praise and scorn alike
She cloaks the emotions in her eyes.
She can cut you to quick or make you fly
Anything to divert you from where she hides.
She is jelly and mush with humour for fence
In time, she will let you in on her own terms.

A Garbled Mind

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Wouldst there be just one issue to take
A plethora of problems of sense to make.
Untangle the bundle with ease and poise
If you can see that its all of one part.
The thread that unsnarls is called ‘Self’
Set it right and you are set for life.


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In wonderland among wondrous things
An enchanting butterfly pays me a visit.
It flits and floats and plays with me
Bringing out the child for all to see.
I hope she doesn’t float away one day
Leaving me bereft of the child in me.

Life’s Like That – No Guarantees

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A balancing act
Between love and hate
A choice very hard to make.
If you can ditch the decision and
Stay the course
Swaying but unfalling high on the rope
You may reach the end of the road
Exhausted but exhilarated


Wonder why you didn’t just hang yourself on the way over.😝

Essence: Dark Humour

Universal Love

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We breathe as one
You and me
All pieces of the same soul.
What lessons we are here to learn
I’m yet to fathom.
The journey exciting
And faith, a must,
For we are all light
Which need a little refining.

Opaque Eyes

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Eyes light but opaque
Face deceptively kind.
Until the smile drops
And then it stops your heart.
A strangling fear
leaves you gasping for air
At that glimpse of the dreaded dark.

Ego’s Veil

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His touch makes my skin crawl
Yet he holds me enthralled.
His eyes wield a power
so enticing and dark,
A malevolence I sense
Through the charm I see,
A whirlpool of desire I resist
As I take flight to light.

Essence: The lure of Maya