Sorry, my friend, for the mirror i shattered

October 31, 2012 § Leave a comment

I once had a friend. One who reflected things i did not know and things i did not want to see about myself.

She was the mirror that exposed me to myself.
No dark corner to hide, no room to escape.
Her observations
i could not stop with bluster
For they were neither cirticism nor advice
i could not blindside with charm
for she was not overwhelmed by me
i could not will unsaid
as i did with people who could not stand to hurt me
There was nothing to do but to face those truths
for she cared,
she spoke kindly,
and gave solutions.
Now a decade later i look back in life
with regret on the day i broke up with her
stating she was too good for me.
All i knew then was that I was uncomfortable
I know now that i broke up because
with her
i could not hide from myself.
i could not love myself when i was thus exposed.
what i failed to understand was
She would have loved me anyway
i would be a better person today.
So my friend if on any day u read this
u will know why i walked away
and forgive me for the pain i regret till this day.


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