Small Pleasures

April 3, 2013 § Leave a comment

Its been a long time since I

sat under a shade on a quiet beach,
got drenched in the rain just for fun,
met a pair of eyes across a room that lit up a smile I couldn’t shake off,
danced without inhibition,
watched a movie alone at the cinemas,
watched a play,
loved without fear or logic.



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Will I ever
touch you, caress you, hold you, breathe you in,
know you by touch, know your touch,
run my fingers through your hair,
thread my fingers through yours,

feel the warmth of your palm against my cheek,
listen to your heartbeat,
trace your face with my fingers,
kiss you,
feel you hug me from behind and nuzzle my neck,
caress your feet, feel you caress mine as my toes curl
in part tickle and part excitement

Will I ever even get to tell you that I feel this way about you?
Will it make a difference if I did?

I wish you ……….

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My wishes for you

I wish you would forgive yourself
shed that huge burden of guilt
that blights every moment oh so slightly.

I wish you relief from the atmospheric-like pressure
that is so constant that you are not even aware of it.

I wish you
breathe free
live every moment so totally like you were born to do
fall head over heels in love with your wife again
laugh without having to be high
sleep like a log for long hours
act silly without taking a dig at anything or anyone
live without a care in the world like the free spirit that you are, my friend.

Wish you all the happiness in the world with no strings or shadows
Wish you peace, darling, wish you peace.

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