Sublime Lovers

August 29, 2015 § Leave a comment

He nips just enough to draw a sharp breath and caresses you so softly that leaves you yearning for more. You soar with him until he singes your soul. He stays with you to gently rock you to sleep.

With breeze, moon and music, who needs the heartache of guys?


Beautiful Man

August 23, 2015 § Leave a comment

I miss you when I listen to a song that moves me to my soul
When I feel the rhythm flow, I want to flow with you
when the words are so beautiful that bring tears to my eyes,
I imagine saying them to you.
I borrow them to say to you.

When I am at a scenic place,
when I feel the sense of being Oh! so alone,
I fill the gap with you.
Its you I long for.

When I am sitting in a restaurant
enjoying a lovely evening with company,
I miss you. I want to share that simple pleasure with you.

You are becoming the filler for all thats missing in life.
No one can carry that.
I try to remember that its not real.
I can’t hold you to that.
But still a part of me dreams
What if you are real?

Beautiful Man

Time-wrought changes

August 23, 2015 § 1 Comment

Is time uni-dimensional
i don’t think so.

The place – the same
The people – the same
and time – half a decade apart

Friends – definitely
something more – maybe
there for each other – always
could share – everything

Friends – maybe
something more – a sweet memory
there for each other – hardly
can share – pleasantaries

In tough times – “This too shall pass” you said
we shared wonderful times
Why then, did ‘We’ too pass?

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