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The nothing that inspires –
Poets and painters and mundane masters,
A daily mirage of freedom and hope and unending flight,
A bouyancy that’s but fixed except in mind’s eye.

I fancy it, I fancy it – a moron I may be,
A fallacy, a fairy tale but I can’t just let it be.



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Masks and Purpose

Oh! The weight of the many faces

That loads the mind with their many purpose

Burying the one that needs to be pursued

The inner journey is all about

Resurrection and then staying the course


June 2, 2016 § 2 Comments


His purple face and bulging eyes
Controlled steps and unsaid words

His cutting comments and wounding pricks
Manipulative threats and irrational curses

His thundering steps and raised voice
The tornado that hits all in its path

His smokescreen to deflect
Or have his way

Makes it hard to remember
The shoulder he lent,
the hug that cocooned,
the hand I held,
the steps I followed,
And the heart that blessed.

Remember, remember what anger can do
To you and the rest and memories too.

Daily Prompt: Audience of One: Put me together

November 30, 2012 § Leave a comment

Just saw the daily prompt title – ‘Audience of One’ – which true to its word prompted me to write.

There’s the one that takes care of me
There’s the one that challenges me
There’s the one that protects me and
There’s enough who love me
Each knows a part of me
some more, some less but never the whole
My blog so far is a piece each of most parts of me
Its an effort to piece me together
If someone out there could piece it all together
then that is my Audience of One I write in hope of.

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